Savory Grilled Peaches


Sweet, salty, and sour: this dish hits all the right notes for a late summer appetizer. photo by: Nancy Duran


Simply grilled peaches are a delicious and unexpected break from tomatoes on the savory table. In just minutes, they grill to perfection. They also happen to pair nicely with soft, tangy cheeses, and salty meats. This is what summer eating is all about: casual dishes made of fresh-from-the-farm ingredients that go from kitchen to plate in no time at all.

Serves 8 as an appetizer

4 (just ripe) peaches, halved along seam and pit removed
olive oil, for brushing
Freshly cracked black pepper to taste
Prosciutto, soft sheep and goat milk cheese, fresh basil leaves, for serving

Heat grill to medium-low heat. Brush peaches all over with olive oil and brush the grill grates with a little more. Add peaches, cut side down and cook, uncovered and without turning, about 4 minutes, until beginning to release juices and nicely grill marked on the cut side. Gently lift peaches with a spatula and flip to grill the skin side. Grill a further 4 minutes. Serve with prosciutto and cheese, scattered with basil leaves and seasoned with pepper.


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