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Scrambled Eggs with Ramps and Smoked Salmon

Ah, eggs. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. Is there any end to the ways they can be prepared? I wasn’t always so crazy for eggs but a few years back I signed on for farm fresh … Continue reading

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Nancy’s Homemade Chicken Stock

This stock recipe is based on the stock I learned to make at Rockpool, a restaurant I worked at in Sydney. Instead of using chicken bones, we used the whole chicken: meat, skin and all. The resulting stock was hearty, full-flavored, and had … Continue reading

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Spring Risotto, featuring Ramps!

Ramps are really special. If you see them at your market, I highly recommend you snap them up. They’ll be gone in a minute. Seriously, their season is so short, about 3 weeks in total usually. And they can be hard … Continue reading

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Beet Relish Summertime Topping

I’m pleased to announce that baby beets have made their debut at the farmers’ markets. I love the small baby beets of late spring. I find them sweeter and a little less “in your face earthy” than their autumn cousins. … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Beet Salad

  Can you tell how much I like beets yet? Here’s another great, simple beet recipe that is a terrific side to bring to a barbecue or picnic. And because I picked up some lovely French Breakfast radishes this weekend, I decided to … Continue reading

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Lemon Ricotta Cake with Honey Thyme Strawberries

I absolutely love a good strawberry. And for that reason, I can hardly look at a strawberry throughout the winter. They don’t taste even remotely like the fruit I love. So when fresh local strawberries start popping up, you can imagine … Continue reading

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